Hi, My name is Adam C Miller. I am doing internet business from last few years successfully. At this website, I am not going to SELL you anything, so just relax. I strongly suggest you to read this page in full, it will take just 5 minutes of yours but you'll get a really nice technique to make money with Facebook. I am offering here, free of cost, the most proven method of making money through Facebook which I am using from a long time.

Although, there're many methods of making money with Facebook like you can create Facebook apps, design Facebook fan pages and buy or sell Facebook 'Likes' but to be successful with these methods you need to have special skills. Like if you want to make money by creating FB apps, then you need to be a programmer. In case you're interested in designing the fan pages, then you need to be very creative plus you must have a good knowledge of photo editing programs like Photoshop.

The method which I want to share with you (ofcourse free!) is a really wonderful method and is step by step in true sense and will give you the 'results' if followed properly. Sadly, it's not a magical formula which will give any results 'overnight'. You'll have to keep working on it for 1-2 hours daily and for atleast 4-6 weeks and I guarantee that you'll easily make around $500 a day from your Facebook account even if you don't have a website or a product.

Here's How I Make Money With Facebook

Most of the people take Facebook as a 'time pass' website. Yes, Facebook is a social networking website but if you know how to monetize it to make money then you can earn good money through it. I spend only 1-2 hours a day and make $500 a day really easy. I developed this method myself and I call it Facebook Wealth Formula. Since it's launch it has become the most famous e-book on the internet. I sold around hundreds of copy of it last month for $97.00 each and it made enough cash for me. But I know there're thousands of people who can't afford to spend $97.00 to get it so I made this secret page just to help people and to offer very few copies of Facebook Wealth Formula. Yes, you read it correctly! I am offering it without charging even a single penny. As, I am making enough cash so I can afford very limited number of copies free of cost. Another factor is that, inside the e-book there's a link to my newsletter so I'll get more subscribers to my newsletter by offering few copies free of cost! Don't worry, you won't have to opt-in to get the e-book, you can download it without subscribing to my newsletter and after reading the e-book, it's upon you whether you want to subscribe or not. So, it's a WIN-WIN situation for both of us. Let's go ahead!

Actually, to make money on the internet you must have a right mind set. Most of the people think that making money online should be really 'quick' enough but it's not. If you don't have proper guidance and a really good strategy, then it's near impossible. Never think about 'quick' money. It's does NOT exist. What do you do to make money in the real world?

      • You get idea of creating or selling something (in job you create & sell man hours)
      • You do 'work' to convert your 'idea' into the reality.
      • You actually 'repeat' what made you money.

This is the same thing which is required to be done in order to make money online. There's no 'magical formula' on the internet. If you can't work for 1-2 hours every day to be able to be established online, then this method is probably not for you. I can help you making money effectively and with minimum efforts but again it won't be a 'quick' money. It may take around 3-4 weeks. But if you stick with it during this period, then no one can stop you from being successful.

Why People Fail, Online?

Because they want to make 'quick' money doing nothing! I trust the words 'easy' and 'autopilot' because I do it all the times, but I don't trust the words 'quick' and 'overnight'. People fail online because they don't want to work. Can you make money offline without doing any work? The answer is 'NO'. Then how you assume that it's possible online?

The online market is vast but at the same time the competition is also tough. So, if you're serious towards doing business online then take it seriously. Take it as your 'real' business and don't take it as granted.

If you do work patiently and honestly, devoting good time online and at the same time you follow good strategies like Facebook Wealth Formula then I bet you WILL make money with minimum efforts, but spend some time to establish your business, website, product and other stuff online. Facebook Wealth Formula teaches you in a step by step way, how to do every thing and make money with Facebook in an ultimate way.

See The Recent Picture of My PayPal Account - March 2014

So, What I Teach In This e-book?

In Facebook Wealth Formula, I teach you some very killer strategies which makes you enable to make $500 a day with minimal efforts. Here's the outline of most important things which you'll learn in this e-book.

          • How to make 5000 Facebook friends in just 1 week
          • How to add 50K “Likes” in just 1 month on autopilot!
          • How to get highly targeted traffic from Facebook to your offers, websites and blogs.
          • How to make huge money by spending just 1-2 hours a day
          • How to make extra cash even without having a website or a product of your own.

Oh Yes...Wait! To Apply This Method...

          • You don’t  need to be a Facebook expert.
          • You don’t  need to write contents like articles, PR or any other stuff.
          • You don’t  need to email people over the internet.
          • You don’t  need to join any group on Facebook.
          • You don’t  need to create or develop any Facebook application.

This Method Is Very Consistent, Months After Months!

As I mentioned earlier that this method is not a 'magic pill' but a really powerful step by step blueprint to make money on Facebook. I am using this method from a long time and the results are really very consistent. Facebook does a lot of changes every month but this method keep working without any flaw because this is completely whitehat method. I get emails from my very old customers, who actually BOUGHT this e-book, they say that they're still making a killing with this method. They can't stop thanking me all the time for disclosing this method to them. Here's the screenshot of summary of my PayPal account showing consistent income over past few months.


To make money with this method you don't even need a website or a product. You can sell other people products as an affiliate and earn instant commissions. One day, I thought about applying this on Clickbank. I worked only for 1-2 hours a day for just 2 weeks and you can see the earnings below. Just 2 weeks ago I was earning $0 a day and see what happened after 2 weeks. It's totally amazing! Isn't it? Again, you must be willing to do some hard work to get this method work for you.

A lot of Facebook users are using this method and are making a living successfully from it. After seeing the success of so many people I can assure you that if you follow this method strictly for atleast 4-6 weeks, then you'll definitely make money from the comfort of your home and without doing the job you hate. The only thing which is required to do this task is a computer and internet connection. I've inserted thousands of screenshots in the e-book which will make everything clear. You'll feel this method like a fresh breeze because it's so easy and unique that you can't go wrong investing your time in it.

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Your Friend, Adam C Miller

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